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The unique, patented CompressX® design provides pressure on both edges and both faces of the project, creating superior quality joints and completely eliminating buckled panels.

  • Project thickness: CompressX® double acting bar clamps can handle almost any size panel you need with its linking arms automatically adjusting to any board thickness from 20mm up to 90mm.

    Thinner boards may be clamped and glued using a packer between the bar and job, or glueing two jobs on top of each other.

  • Length: Limited only by the number of CompressX® clamps that you have. It is recommended that a clamp is placed every 800mm.

  • Width: CompressX® clamps are available in two lengths, 1000mm for the original steel version, and 900mm for the new aluminium version.

Both sizes let you clamp a single large panel or many narrower panels at one time, up to the total capacity of the clamp. To clamp several smaller panels edge-to-edge, simply leave out the glue between the first and last boards, respectively, of the adjacent panels.

Wide boards cost more and tend to warp; with this product you can easily glue up more affordable narrow boards to produce wide, warp-resistant panels. And because CompressX® properly aligns your boards, panels glue up flat (warp and buckle free) and require less planing and surfacing. That lets you start the process with less surplus wood thickness, so you can save even more on your timber purchases.

CompressX® makes stronger joints than conventional clamps or less advanced systems. Unlike pipe/bar clamps which invariably “pinch”, or “cup” slightly on the bar side, CompressX® applies centered and even pressure to the gluing surface because it completely surrounds the joint, resulting in a stronger, better-looking joint even without the use of dowels or biscuits.

CompressX® clamps are virtually maintenance-free, and are easily cleaned of glue residue and are designed to ensure a lifetime of consistent operation with professional-quality results.


Main Benefits

  • CompressX® saves time and effort.
  • Horizontal positioning of panels makes loading easy and reduces drying time.
  • Properly set up, panels can never “cup or warp”: your panels are always square.
  • Proper alignment of the boards (no buckling) saves hours of planeing and sanding.
  • Dowels and biscuits become unnecessary, further reducing cost and time.