Company Profile

DnJ Innovations is proud to present the CompressX®, a new revolutionary two dimensional compression clamp suitable primarily for wood products, though it can be used for other materials such as metals. The worldwide patent for CompressX® ensures that its design simplicity isn’t mimicked within the market.

Designed by David Hutton (DnJ Innovations Pty Ltd Managing Director) in late 2007, this product is both high quality and modular. Its design allows for compression to be both lateral and vertical conjunctively. This not only saves time, but it produces a higher quality finished product, with the need for fewer clamps and less work by the tradesperson. Indeed, per clamp it is as simple as turning a thread!

Priced to enter the market at a level where the product is both profitable for DnJ Innovations Pty Ltd and cost effective for the target market is a strong position to be in for a fledgling company. Furthermore, all components that are designed for the product are manufactured to ensure that the wastage percentage from raw product to component is almost zero. This maximises profit, and time effectiveness. The components are all high quality materials and are finished to more than satisfy the professional market that it wishes to target. Finishes such as bar pacifying to the main RHS arms, and powder coating the links are all designed to give CompressX® a premium niche within the market. Further, as the design and all components are Australian made, the green and gold colours engender the patriotic spirit that formed DnJ Innovations Pty Ltd and spawned the colour scheme for the CompressX® Logo.