How It Works

How exactly does the CompressX® double acting bar clamp work? It is a clamping system that surrounds a panel on four sides. Its unique, patented design applies pressure both on the edges and the faces of a panel to completely prevent any possibility of a buckled panel.

Because its mechanism grasps the panel equally on and from both sides, each clamp applies pressure evenly across the glue joint itself, unlike the graduated pressure which common sash clamps apply. As a result each CompressX® clamp produces joints that are far superior to joints produced by an individual common clamp.

CompressX® double acting bar clamp systems consists of two or more CompressX® clamps. They can also be set up on a movable “gluing cart,” allowing total portability of the system. The product is simple to assemble, requiring only a spanner and a shifter.


CompressX Clamp


The CompressX® clamp consists of two long aluminum or steel bars, between which the panel to be glued is placed. A patented scissor action links the ends, and a thread mechanism on one end is used to compress the job.

As pressure is applied by the “T” Bar, it is distributed automatically by the patented system, to all four sides of the panel ensure optimum results.


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